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The Elmbridge Hundred is a fascinating history of people and place...

The modern borough of Elmbridge in Surrey corresponds almost exactly to the old Saxon hundred of Amelebrige. This is a place with a long and illustrious past, an historic landscape of royal palaces, stately homes and gardens, thriving towns and vibrant villages full of social and cultural diversity, which has attracted an extraordinary array of historic figures.

The Elmbridge Hundred is a remarkable roll-call of life stories...

This website records the famous (and infamous!) folk who lived, loved, and worked here, or made momentous visits. It reveals the industrious, enterprising, scientific, artistic, musical, poetic, political, religious, and romantic, often scandalous, occasionally scurrilous, always intriguing, and sometimes world-changing life stories and events that took place here. Travel back and forth in time, place, or genre, to meet all the local luminaries from Julius Caesar to John Lennon who have links with Elmbridge.

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